Mercedes-Benz - Long Range BEV

Mercedes-Benz - Long Range BEV

Mercedes-Benz has filed for trademarks related to its electric vehicle sub brand.

According to Autocar, M-B has trademarked the following in the UK:

  • EQA
  • EQC
  • EQE
  • EQG
  • EQS
  • EQ Inside
  • EQ Boost
  • Generation EQ
It's believed that all of these trademarks relate to electric vehicles. For example, EQA will be an electric A-Class Mercedes and EQS will be an electric S-Class.

EQ Boost could be applied to plug-in hybrids, speculates Autocar.

We should see the first EQ model from M-B at the upcoming Paris Motor Show this Fall. It's believed that the first model to wear the EQ badging will be a pure electric crossover.

Source: Autocar

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