Maximum Plaid With Plaid Paint Job

Maximum Plaid With Plaid Paint Job

From time to time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has dropped hints in regards to the next-generation Tesla Roadster.

Though few details are know at this time, we've learned from Musk that he is hopeful the next-gen Roadster will launch by 2019. Additonally, Musk has made it known that the next-gen Roadster will go Maximum Plaid (a Spaceballs reference), which is a step above Ludicrous Mode.

Now, via a Twitter reply from Musk, we discover that this Maximum Plaid next-gen Roadster will "naturally" get a plaid paint color option too.

Okay...Musk is just joking on this one, but maybe not.  Hmm...a plaid car?!?!

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