Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

As expected, interest in Tesla skyrocketed following the Model 3 reveal.

This interest is rather easily tracked by firms like SimilarWeb, who focus on Internet activity and traffic.

According to SimilarWeb, Tesla website traffic surged by 798% in the days following the Model 3 reveal.

As CleanTechnica reports, via an email from SimilarWeb:

"Based on combined mobile and desktop visits from March 31st to April 2nd, teslamotors.com received more than 7 million US desktop and mobile visits from over 100 countries. With reservations for the Model 3 beginning on March 31, their site saw a one-day increase of traffic of 798%, with US visits jumping from 220,000 on March 31 to a peak of 1.9 million on 1 April."

The vast majority (48%) of the traffic came from the U.S., as we'd expect.

What's even more interesting though is a comparison of site traffic on April between Tesla and some other well-established automaker. As SimilarWeb states:

"In contrast on 1 April, ford.com saw 358,000 US visits on 1 April, followed by Toyota.com (320,000) and 130,000 for Nissanusa.com — competitors that typically get more traffic and have stronger brand recognition. Even one week after the launch, on 8 April, Tesla traffic remained in pole position, securing 582,670 daily visits, followed by Ford (493,926), Toyota (301,264) and Nissan (161,028)..."

So, on April 1, Tesla site had over 5 times as many hits as #2 Ford.

Source: CleanTechnica

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