Ever since Tesla released its Master Plan - Part Deux, and stated that the company would be building a "a future compact SUV and a new kind of pickup truck", the quest to imagine what those new vehicles would look like (and how they will perform) has been on.

In July, Elon Musk confirmed Tesla truck is coming - <em>gentlemen start your rendering!</em>

In July, Elon Musk confirmed Tesla truck is coming - gentlemen start your rendering!

The latest attempt at getting inside the mind of Tesla comes via Top Speed, which sent us its vision of the 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck.

"It's certainly an interesting way of addressing another segment of the consumer market so our artists wanted to imagine how the car might look like."

Top Speed also added some of its thoughts to a future Tesla pickup:

  • likely share parts with the Model X – it only makes sense
  • pickup and Model X share a similar overall shape ahead of the B-pillars
  • rear doors drop the Falcon Wings in favor of a more conventional style
  • tire choices will be more aggressive than those found elsewhere in the Tesla lineup
  • similar but slightly modified interior
  • no base battery offering (seen in the Model X/S) for the truck version likely to be offered
  • pricing won't be Model 3, but not Model X either, estimates starting price of $50,000
Check out the full forecasting review at Top Speed

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