BMW i8

BMW i8

When you're worth billions, you can afford to buy more than one BMW i8.

That's precisely what Leicester City chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha did for the 19 soccer players on the Leicester City squad who won the premier league title last year.

The i8s, all in the team appropriate blue color, are gifts for the soccer squads winning season.

As Auto Express reports:

"Purchased as a reward for Leicester’s brilliantly unexpected title win last season, the fleet of cars worth nearly £2m was lined up outside the King Power Stadium for players to collect."

"Originally, Leicester City players were promised a Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive each, but Srivaddhanaprabha pushed the boat out to secure 19 i8s for all but four players."

That's quite the upgrade.

In addition to the cars, the players on the team all get to split a £6.5 million bonus too.

This isn't the first time that Srivaddhanaprabha has handed out freebies. In fact, he's known to "offer free pies and pints to every Leicester City supporter at home games," according to Auto Express.

Source: Auto Express

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