Many Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF owners (and a few Cadillac ELRs owners as well) are familiar with aftermarket wireless L2 charging provider Plugless Power, as a 3.3 kW wireless charging solution for those plug-ins have been available for a couple years now.

However, more recently the company promised to expand its offerings (and output power) to the likes of the Tesla Model S, and even opened early reservations for that for that charging unit this past February.

Now, thanks to our good friend Steve over at Plugless, he sent us a live video of the 7.2 kW Model S wireless charging system in action.

On average, this new unit will provide about ~24 miles per hour of charging, but more importantly, the convenience of not plugging in.

The next most obvious question - will the Tesla Model X (and Model 3 in the future) also be able to utilize this tech at some point? 

The company says its "engineers are hard at work to bring Plugless to all Tesla models."

If interested, you can reserve your own 7.2 kW Model S wireless charging system here (and for more FAQs on the set-up - go here).   Units start shipping this Spring (beginning in late May)!

/c'mon you know you don't want too!

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