Last month Ecotricity, the charging provider behind the UK's "electric highway", announced it was moving from a free to 'pay-per-use' service, and initially set a price that was non-too-popular with EV drivers (£5 For A 20-Minute boost), as it didn't allow for full 80% charges over 1 charge cycle.

Thankfully, Ecotricity reacted quickly to the backlash and adjusted the price and timing structure before the program kicked off; it now stands at £6 For A 30-Minute boost.  As expected, EV drivers still preferred the earlier "free" pricing, but realistically at some point the network had to start charging.

The new pricing and app-driven system just went live this month, and thankfully Andy Rogerson (aka Electric LEAF Man) has filed for us a first hand review of his first experience interacting with the new Ecotricity system.

The first hiccup Andy notices right out of the gate is that the app isn't available for his Windows phone, and 'live' help isn't always available.   Thankfully he has a iPad he can tether too, but the adventure only continues from there...

Special bonus:  Around the 6:00 mark a random passerby asks some questions on the charging session and gives his opinion of the pricing.  And at the 12:00 mark someone randomly has stuck a complaint letter on the Ecotricity machine (on the new pricing) while Andy was waiting on his charge to complete

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