New Focus Electric - 100 Miles Of Range, DC (CCS) Fast Charging - Arrives This Fall

New Focus Electric - 100 Miles Of Range, DC (CCS) Fast Charging - Arrives This Fall

Ford President and CEO Mark Fields confirmed on Thursday that the automaker is indeed working on an electric car that could rival the Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt.

That would imply that Ford is developing a 200-mile plug-in, despite reports to the contrary. Furthermore, it's likely that Ford's electric car will be relatively affordable, so that it can actually compete with the $35,000 Model 3 and Bolt.

On a conference call, Fields stated:

“Our EVs come down to making sure we’re the best or among the leaders in those areas. When you look at some of the competition, clearly that’s something we’re developing for.”

“We want to make sure that we’re either among the leaders or in a leadership position.”

Those statements were translated by the media as implying that a Model 3/Bolt competitor is in the works at Ford, but we're not so sure that's what Fields really meant. After all, it was just a week or so ago when Ford's Kevin Layden, director of electrification programs and engineering, basically stated that the upcoming 100-mile Focus would meet the needs of most all buyers, thus implying additional range isn't necessary.

Moving on...

The Detroit News speculates that Ford's 200-mile electric car could be called the Model E, a name the automaker holds a trademark for.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Ford’s long-range electric car could be called the Model E. Tesla owner Elon Musk wanted to name the recently announced Model 3 the Model E, but was unable to secure the naming rights from Ford, which has owned the trademark for that name for some time.

This fall, the Ford Focus EV will get a bump in range from 76 miles to 100 miles, but that's still well short of competing with the Model 3 or Bolt.

We assume that Ford's Model 3/Bolt competitor (if there is one actually in the works) will be built on some sort of dedicated platform, but there's no information on that available at this time. Look for additional details to come forth as the 200-mile electric Ford draws nearer to production.

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