Tesla VP For Global Sales And Service, Jon McNeill

Tesla VP For Global Sales And Service, Jon McNeill

McNeill begins by explaining Tesla's bio weapon defense mode. He says that it will make the car's air cabin quality as sterile as that of a hospital surgery room.

He also talks about the autopilot mode, assuring that it will reduce accidents. McNeill has had personal experience using the semi-autonomous feature in Beijing and notes that it will be very helpful there due to the high volume of traffic congestion.

McNeill tells the interviewer that measures are being taken to assure the timely delivery of the Model 3. The company is utilizing factories in California and Europe, but looking to expand. He concludes that China may be a prime location for such a factory.

Video Description:

Jon McNeill, head of global sales and service for Tesla, in an interview with Chinese broadcaster CCTV, discusses the Tesla Model X "Bioweapon Defense Mode" and opportunities in China. He hints at a possible factory in China.

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