The Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay resort in Northern California now offers a Tesla Driving Experience Package.

According to Ritz-Carlton, the Tesla package includes spa and fitness facilities, as well as access to a Tesla Model S for the duration of your stay.

Additional details include the following:

Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay Details

Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay Details

As Driving The Nation explains:

"Prior to your stay, you will be connected with Tesla via email to manage the Model S orientation, delivery and pick-up. Tesla will either deliver the car to the property and complete the orientation on site or the customer will pick up the Model S from Tesla Burlingame and complete the orientation prior to picking up the car."

Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay is a luxury resort and as such, nightly stays are expensive, but if you'd like to try out a Model S for a few days while staying at a top-notch resort, then the Tesla Driving Experience Package may meet your needs.

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