2017 Kia Niro Made Its Chinese Debut Today - The Niro Will Also Get a <a href=Plug-In Trim Level in ~2018" draggable="false">

2017 Kia Niro Made Its Chinese Debut Today - The Niro Will Also Get a Plug-In Trim Level in ~2018

Hyundai, with its partner Kia Motors, took part in the kick-off festivities today at 2016 Auto China, by debuting its upcoming IONIC Electric, and Niro Hybrid crossover regionally for the first time.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Hyundai IONIQ Electric "Showing" Off

And while that the vehicles themselves are not "new" news to anyone outside China (the IONIQ Electric actually arrives in the US in late summer), it is what Hyundai disclosed it was working on past these two vehicles.

Specifically, a Hyundai spokesperson confirmed the company is currently developing an all-electric SUV, which can travel up to 320 kilometers (200 miles) and is to be released in 2 years time - 2018.

“It is true that we will launch a new electric SUV.”

Putting that range estimate number into context, if appears to actually be a real world number (for once), as the IONIQ Electric was also quoted at the same time as having 180 km (111 miles) of range - which is bang-on to Hyundai's recent EPA estimate of 110 miles for the compact EV in America.

Also of note, sources familiar with the project are stating that this new all-electric SUV will not be a re-imagining of the Kia Niro (which shares componentry with the IONIQ), but rather it will ride on an all-new platform - one exclusively built for all-electric applications.

Looks like Hyundai/Kia are about to get really serious about a plug-in future.

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