Kreisel Electric Sprinter

Kreisel Electric Sprinter

The next generation Sprinter van from Mercedes-Benz will be designed to accommodate a fully electric powertrain and also autonomous driving.

As the Detroit Bureau reports:

"...vans from Mercedes-Benz will be capable of supporting both battery electric propulsion and autonomous driving features in the future..."

"If market demand supports it, the next generation Sprinter will use electric powertrains and autonomous driving..."

The next-gen Sprinter is due out in either 2018 or 2019. Electrification of the van is part of M-B push to have a full lineup of electrified vehicles from 2020 and beyond.  Daimler is scheduled to show off its long-range/300 mile+ EV solution in a few weeks at the Paris Motor Show.

Mercedes-Benz - long range BEV battery

Mercedes-Benz - long range BEV battery

In addition to the electric van, Mercedes will launch the Urban eTruck, a 26-ton electric semi.

Wolfgang Bernhard, lead executive of Daimler Trucks & Buses, commented on the Urban eTruck:

“Electric drive systems previously only saw extremely limited use in trucks. Nowadays costs, performance and charging times develop further so rapidly that now there is a trend reversal in the distribution sector: the time is ripe for the electric truck. In light distribution trucks, our Fuso Canter E-Cell has already been undergoing intensive customer trials since 2014."

“With the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck, we are now electrifying the heavy distribution segment up to 26 tons. We intend to establish electric driving as systematically as autonomous and connected driving."

Source: Detroit Bureau

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