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Tesla says that it's working on a connector to make both the Model S and X compatible with the charging standards in China.

Chinese Charging Protocols

Chinese Charging Protocols

Tom Zhu, Tesla’s China country manager, stated:

“The converters will help our sales by reducing preliminary concerns in China. It marks an important milestone in Tesla’s development in China.”

The connectors will allow Tesla to charge at the nation's various state-owned charging points. Currently, Teslas are limited to in-home charging, Supercharging and some destination charging points in China, but this new adapter will allow the cars to hook up to public charging points.

China's charging standards are different than the U.S. and Europe. China uses what's known as the GB/T DC standard (more details here).

For Tesla, this move to make sue of China's standard is some two years behind the automaker's initial promised date.

Source: Bloomberg

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