Drag Times contributor, Brooks Weisblat, recently had his prized Tesla Model S broken into. The thief broke out the rear passenger window to get a bag that was sitting on the back seat. The thief returned and attempted to break out the rear window to access the trunk.

BlackVue HD Dash Cam

BlackVue HD Dash Cam

Inside the bag was and iPad, along with some accessories for a drone. Fortunately for Brooks, the drone was not in the vehicle, however, the thief may have assumed it was, bringing him back for a second attempt. Even better news is that Brooks got all of his belongings back and his car fixed. The total theft and damage added up to $2193.70.

Brooks had a BlackVue HD camera installed in the vehicle above the rear view mirror. The camera was capable of recording the incident and provided details including license plate and the thief's identity. Footage was clear enough to see tatoos on the thief. The perpetrator was arrested and charged with three felonies.

Brooks Weisblat had the camera installed primarily for recording races. He is well-known for drag racing his Tesla against other fast exotic vehicles, but in this case the camera caught a thief, not racing action.

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