Clean Diesel Technology!  Oh, how you make us smile VW

Clean Diesel Technology!  Oh, how you make us smile VW

Volkswagen was hit hard by the Dieselgate scandal, and in months that followed were effectively forced to turn towards electrification.

Now, if the new reports from France's independent commission environment ministry are verified, a similar fate could meet other manufacturers, as deceptive software (or other practices) seems to be widespread in the diesel industry.

Handelsblatt reports that "A French investigation has revealed that Volkswagen isn't the only carmaker guilty of falsifying diesel emissions data in the country. The report concluded that the auto industry systematically employs the deceptive practice."

The French government intends to release recommendations to ban some models that exceeds acceptable levels of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide emissions.

There is many brands involved according to the article: "Models from Renault, Fiat, Opel, and Mercedes performed particularly badly."

How to gain back lost fleet emission ratings and to save face?  There seems to be only one answer - more plug-ins.

source: Handelsblatt

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