Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC) launched its new electric supercar called Arcfox-7 at the recent Beijing Motor Show.

The electric BAIC revealed in Beijing mostly matches up with the leaked info and images we obtained awhile back.

BAIC says that the Arcfox-7 will go on sale in late 2016 in China at a price that hasn't yet been disclosed.

Horsepower checks in at 603, with 0 to 60 MPH expected in less than 3 seconds.

Arcfox-7 is the top-of-the-line model in what BAIC refers to as the Arcfox series of electric cars. The arcfox-1, a tiny electric SUV, will be positioned at the bottom of the lineup.

Some additional details on the Arxfox-7 electric supercar, via Autocar, include:

"Powering the Arcfox-7 is a 6.6kWh battery pack connected to a 603bhp electric motor. The car's kerb weight is 1755kg, and stopping power is provided by carbon ceramic brakes with six-piston calipers at the front, and four-piston calipers at the rear."

"According to official figures, the Arcfox-7 can reach 60mph in less than 3.0sec and has a top speed of 162mph. The Arcfox-7 can reportedly run for 186 miles on electric power - much less than the Tesla's 316-mile range."

And sort of looks like a BMW i8 clone.

Editor's Note:  Yes the source quote spec does say 6.6 kWh, but it is obviously not.  In actual fact a poorly chosen figure of 66.6 kWh is on board.

Here's an image of Arcfox-1, an open-top, tiny electric SUV:

BAIC Arcfox-1

BAIC Arcfox-1

There's no indication from BAIC as to whether or not any of its Arcfox models will be sold outside of China, but BAIC does have small operations here in the U.S., so it's possible that in the far-off future its electric cars could be sold here.

Source: Autocar

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