Tesla's Destination Charging program allows owners to charge at hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. This makes it convenient for drivers to charge their vehicles while they are occupied for a time, or staying overnight. The connectors are like the wall connectors used in homes. Drivers simply plug in and go about their "other" business. This is not to be confused with the Tesla Supercharger network.

The Destination Charging program has been available in the United States for some time. Tesla owners in Europe have been eagerly anticipating its arrival and now it's finally launching across Europe. The Tesla navigation system shows all locations for the user.

The recent installation of "valets" at California Tesla Supercharger stations, along with the upgrade to the company's wall connectors, and the welcome addition of Destination Charging in Europe are all key for Tesla. With the Model X hitting roadways, the Model 3 coming, and the Model S face lift, the prospects of an abundance of additional Tesla's needing charging is inevitable.

Source: Tesla

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