Sonoma Clean Power (SCP),  the electricity provider of Sonoma County, California, offers its customers in participating cities the option of using renewable energy - such as solar, wind, geothermal.

And as part of a new charge metering program for customers also driving plug-in vehicles, the energy provider will issue out up to 1,000 free smart charging units from California EVSE maker eMotorWerks.

Smart metering your car charging has cost and informational advantages (<em>EMWs' JuiceBox Pro 40 app shown above)</em>

Smart metering your car charging has cost and informational advantages (EMWs' JuiceBox Pro 40 app shown above)

“Today we have around 3,800 EVs in Sonoma County and anticipate 10,000 in the next three years,” said Geof Syphers, CEO of Sonoma Clean Power.

“Our partnership with eMotorWerks allows us to intelligently incorporate and communicate with these EVs on our grid. Given the continuing increase in local renewable energy resources, and the growth of EV charging, we see the opportunity to leverage the eMotorWerks technology to anticipate and modulate electrical demand to meet all of our customer’s needs as critical to reliability and scalability of our services.”

In addition to picking up $250 for joing SCP's "smart-grid charging rewards program", customers can choose a JuiceBox Pro charger from eMotorWerks.

Or if they already an existing non-smart station hard-wired system in place, they can opt for EMW's JuicePlugEVSE adapter - that basically turns a "dumb" EV charging station into a "smart" one - which for $199 bucks might not be a bad pick-up regards if you are getting one for free or not.

The trade-off being of course is that the station will optimize charging times and the speed of charging depending on when the grid is most capable/has the most excess capacity.

The end result generally being a more stable grid, and lower charging rates on the whole for the consumer participating in the program, so basically its win-win if you have ample time available to charge your EV.

“Our leading smart charging technology is the perfect solution for Sonoma Clean Power’s needs. By taking into account EV owners’ historical charging patterns and charging configurations, that take advantage of lower-cost, off-peak electricity pricing, SCP can meet growing consumer demand for EV charging, while at the same time maintain a reliable and stable grid experience for everyone,” said Val Miftakhov, Founder & CEO of eMotorWerks.

“While customers might not notice these subtle variations in charge speed, they can go a long way to making EV charging more manageable for utilities, and less expensive for customers. We are thrilled to see the eMotorWerks technology play a key role in helping Sonoma County reach its goal of being a 100 percent renewable county.”

While SCP is providing the charging equipment at no cost, they do note that recipients are required to do their own installs and pick up the shipping and handling costs.  Also of note, customers can receive up to two EVSEs per account with Sonoma Clean Power.

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