Kia Niro

Kia Niro

A couple of Kia execs seems to be hinting that the automaker will soon electrify most of its lineup.

Chief creative officer Peter Schreyer spoke in regards to the look of the Niro hybrid, a sport, compact SUV. According to Schreyer, the light electrification of the Niro has proven successful and this is prompting the automaker to more seriously consider expanding electrification across model lines.

Kia's chief operating officer, Thomas Oh, says that the Niro sales success is already beyond expectations, adding that "many customers want small SUVs including those looking for eco-friendly cars.”

According to Oh, a Niro EV will likely come soon and it'll be sold alongside the current hybrid model, much like how the IONIQ will be offered in multiple electrified formats.

Oh commented:

“This year globally eco-friendly cars are around 2 million vehicles, with electric vehicles just 100,000 by 2020 we expect eco-friendly to rise to around 600,000 with 42% hybrid, 32% plug-in hybrid and 27 percent electric… that is a significant increase and it makes sense to combine the technology with vehicle types that customers want to buy.”

Source: Autocar

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