Being ICE'd means that someone has parked a ICE vehicle (internal combustion engine) at a space reserved for plug-in vehicles for charging.

As a result, EV driver are unable to recharge their plug-in vehicles, sometimes leading to being put in some unfortunate situations (like what would happen if the local gas station had a bunch of EVs parked and surrounding the pumps).

Being ICE'd happens quite often, despite all the signage usually present.   Usually, the biggest reason is the value of the reserved EV spot to a particular establishment (usually one of the closest), or a general lack of parking in general.

Fully Charged features the topics with help from I've been #ICED.

"The depressingly common habit of parking a traditional car in an electric car charging space.

This episode is not about Ecotricity, their new charge for a charge system, that's coming in a couple of weeks, just thought I'd mention that because I know someone will ask about it :-)"

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