Typically, DragTimes takes its Model S P100DL to the track for race day, but this time around their Model X P90D was out on the tarmac for some racing action.

And wouldn't you know...a Ferrari 458 Italia showed up to challenge the Model X.

Video description:

"Watch this epic 1/4 mile drag racing battle between the Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous taking on a Ferrari 458 Italia in a heads up drag race at our recent StreetCarDrags.com event at Palm Beach International Raceway. Should we get the new Model X P100D?"

We should note that the new P100DL Model X gets a .1 second 0-60 mph (~2.8 seconds) and 1/4 mile bump thanks to an upcoming software bump - which is about .3-.4 seconds quicker to both metrics compared to the P90DL raced here by DragTimes.

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