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"Oh Grandad, Don't Be Silly, It Isn't A 'Car', Its My New BMW i3 REx PHEVLER"

For years now, electric vehicle enthusiasts have lamented how the current acronym situation for different types of electric vehicles is just too basic, too easy to remember.

Hey Is That EREV A PHEVLER Too? No, Its About 7 Miles Shy.  <em>Pfft!</em>

Hey Is That EREV A PHEVLER Too? No, Its About 7 Miles Shy.  Pfft!

Now with terminologies such as BEV, PHEV, EREV, FCV, FCEV, NEV, PEV, REx, ZEV, SULEV, TZEV, Enhanced ATPZEV all practically rolling off the common man's tongue, a new player is in the game to bring further clarity!

Enter the PHEVLEROr the "Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Long Electric Range" if you will.

Yes, now the plug-in elitist in all of us can really show off when describing what our new 2017 Chevrolet Volt kinda is to Nana at this year's Christmas party!

Ok, so now that we have sufficiently poked a little fun at the new terminology, introduced by Professor Andrew Alfonso Frank (CTO Efficient Drivetrains Inc. and UC-Davis Emeritus) and Bruce R. Thomas (marketing savant) - here are the bullet points for qualification:

(special bonus:they even mention the correct pronunciation)

"Abstract. The Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Long Electric Range (PHEVLER - pronounced “fevler”) is a new category emerging in the electric vehicle marketplace. PHEVLERs are defined as PHEVs with sufficient battery capacity for all electric driving of twice the average daily distance. The average daily driving distance in the USA is 30 miles (48 km), so PHEVLERs are vehicles with at least 60 miles (97 km) of electric range. The 2016 Chevrolet Volt with an electric range of 53 miles is the first commercial car that almost qualifies as a PHEVLER.

PHEVLERs[ are a disruptive technology that will help revolutionize both the clean transportation and the clean stationary energy sectors of our economy. These vehicles are the green machines that will provide a critical part of the renewable and sustainable society that we need for the future."

For further details, check out the 17-point synopsis of what it is to be a "PHEVLER" via Green Car Congress here.


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