Newly Designed Tesla Model S

Newly Designed Tesla Model S

For the past 8 years, the city of San Francisco, CA hosts a Dream House Raffle.

The raffle provides some early bird drawings, and one such drawing offered the winner the choice of $50,000 cash or a Tesla Model S. Oakland resident James Erb was this year's lucky winner of the early bird prize.

The grand prize for the raffle is $4 million cash, or an 8 bedroom, 9.5 bath, luxurious home located in the prestigious St. Francis Wood district of San Francisco. 2,300 other prizes are up for grabs.

The San Francisco Dream House Raffle acts as a fundraising effort for the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The Yerba Center is a venue for nationwide artists to showcase their works. Yerba's main goal is to provide young people, as well as adults, an opportunity to experience art around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hopefully Mr. Erb knows full well of the Tesla Model S and its value and opts for the car (to speak nothing of unquantifiable "fun value" of owning the Tesla). Being that he is a California resident, there is little doubt that he is well aware.

Source: Patch

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