Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault is step-by-step increasing production of its flagship ZOE.  The all-electric car is manufactured in the company's Flins plant in France, and is sold throughout Europe.

The ZOE is produced alongside the Clio IV using batteries supplied by LG Chem.

Since 2013 production has increased some 4 times, beginning at around 9,000/year to the current pace of ~160 cars a day:

  • 2013 - 9,000 annually
  • 2014 - 14,000 annually
  • 2015 - 20,000 annually
  • 2016 - 35,000 annually
According to the plant manager, Olivier Talabard, 35,000 is still far from the initial volume projections for the ZOE, but forward progress is still being made.

The Renault ZOE recently reached 50,000 sales cumulatively, and with hopes of now selling 35,000 annually, it will be difficult for any other all-electric model to achieve higher sales in Europe in the near term.

In the first quarter Renault sold ~ 6,000 ZOEs, so the average for the rest of the year would need to about 3,000 per month.

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