hydrogen fuel station

hydrogen fuel station

New Flyer demonstrated  its new Xcelsior XHE60 articulated hydrogen fuel cell transit bus.  The unit measures some 60-feet (18.3 m) long, and able to transport over 120 passengers at a time.

With 250 miles of range on tap, the  Xcelsior XHE60 would be able to take full duty responsibilities, and is able to compete well with pure electric buses on that metric.  (just not so much with the cost)

The first bus will be operated in revenue service for 22 months by the Alameda County Transit (AC Transit) of California, after the completion of a comprehensive evaluation at the FTA’s Altoona test facility.

The fuel cells are supplied by Ballard Power Systems, while the electric drive train comes via Siemens.

"The propulsion system includes a combination of batteries, a fuel cell, and hydrogen storage that allows the fuel cell to operate at a relative steady-state, while the batteries capture both braking energy and provide power for bus acceleration. Ballard Power Systems is supplying its next-generation fuel cell power plant that is smaller, lighter and less expensive than existing models. The bus is targeted to have a range greater than 250 miles without refueling or recharging.

New Flyer is the sub-recipient of a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Grant administered by CALSTART, a non-profit organization that is focuses on clean air technology commercialization with business, fleets, and government. The FTA’s National Fuel Cell Bus Program is a cooperative initiative between government and industry to advance the commercialization of fuel cell technology in U.S. transit buses. The goals of the program include facilitating the development of commercially viable fuel cell bus technologies, improving transit bus efficiency and reducing petroleum consumption, and reducing transit bus emissions."

Paul Smith, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing said:

“The New Flyer XHE60 fuel cell bus is truly a first of kind in the zero-emissions class of vehicles. With potential loading of over 120 passengers, this zero emissions 60-foot articulated fuel cell bus offers tremendous greenhouse gas (GHG) and emissions reductions, with the operational capabilities of no other transit vehicle in the world. We are proud of what our engineers and partner suppliers have accomplished, and thank the FTA for their active sponsorship of this next generation program”.

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