Tesla Gigafactory 1 Fly-Over (11/7/2016)

Tesla Gigafactory 1 Fly-Over (11/7/2016)

We have reported in the past that BuildZoom provides information about Tesla's building permits, to track the company's progress. We all know that the Tesla Gigafactory has been growing substantially, and quickly. Based on the information from BuildZoom, Tesla has received 31 permits since the middle of July. The permits account for $93 million (over half of which is being applied to the construction of a new section).

Inside Tesla's Gigafactory In Nevada

Inside Tesla's Gigafactory In Nevada

BuildZoom's Jack Woodson shared some other interesting information as well. He said that Tesla will be making the building earthquake proof.

“While I do not know if it is common among factories to earthquake proof their production lines I do know that we have seen a number of permits for seismic work at the factory”.

Two other permits specify about $3.5 million for seismic anchoring. He also pointed out that one of the permits is simply related to the demolition of a local abandoned home on the property. Another allots over $400,000 toward the tools and line that will produce the new 2170 battery cells. A thermal energy storage tank is noted in one of the permits, and will cost about $7 million, plus another $800,000 for its "chilled water extension" (whatever that is). Also mentioned is an $8.5 million tower foundation, and smaller, simpler structures like a "cell test" building. If you visit BuildZoom, you can see the specifics of all of the permits.

Since the Gigafactory's grand opening party, the brand new Section F has been completed, but the huge expansion ($53 million worth of the $100 million) that is slated to take place, will extend that section of the Gigafactory substantially.

Upon typing "Electric Avenue, MCCARRAN, NV 89434" into BuildZoom, prior to the huge list of permits, it reads:

According to the local building department, there were 130 building permits filed at this property over the past 2 years. 112 of them have valuations, the total of which is $477,875,652.

Before hiring a contractor, we recommend double-checking their license with the license board and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes.

Tesla has spent a nice chunk of change. Let's hope they hired the right contractor!

Source: Teslarati

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