Tomorrow, Tesla Motors will swing open the doors to its first store in South Korea.

Interior Rendering Of Starfield Hanam

Interior Rendering Of Starfield Hanam

Just a few months ago, Tesla starting taking orders for the Model S and X in South Korea. Prior to that, the automaker had made it known that it was hoping to open a store in South Korea's largest mall, the Starfield Hanam.

That mall opened on September 9th and Tesla has been busy working within to get its store in ready condition. Well, the store is now ready and will open to the public tomorrow.

As Korea Times states:

"A Starfield Hanam official said he received an in-house notice of the Tesla showroom opening date."

"Before the grand opening, Tesla said Aug. 31 in a press release it would open its first Korean showroom on the second floor of the mall."

In addition to the store, Tesla installed charging stations in the second floor of the mall;s parking lot.

Work is also reportedly underway on Tesla's second store in South Korea:

"Tesla is also preparing to open its second Korean showroom in Gangnam, southern Seoul."

States Korea Times.

Last but not least, Tesla is currently in the planning phase for Superchargers in South Korea.

Source: Korea Times

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