A recent episode of Fully Charged wasn't directly related to electric cars, but concerns the important and hot topic of the electricity production for them.

Coal, nuclear or renewable?

It's an important question because cleaner production of electricity obviously translates to cleaner electric cars.

According to Fully Charged, there are serious questions about whether new nuclear power stations should be built today, as costs of comparable renewable energy sources have come down enough to actually be cheaper.

One of few examples presented was Hinkley Point C in UK - of which, the cost has already risen to some £18,000,000,000 for 3,200 MW of power, and whole project is heavily delayed.

"The UK's brave step forward into a nuclear future.... oh dear.

There are nuclear alternatives which we'll look at in a future episode, and yes, there's Thorium, I know about Thorium, I'm always told Thorium is the future but for now, this one's a right mess."

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