Tesla's Full Vehicle Lineup On Display Outside Gigafactory

Tesla's Full Vehicle Lineup On Display Outside Gigafactory

Perhaps you missed out on the Gigafactory grand opening last Friday. Fear not, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk publicly stated that the Gigafactory will eventually be open for tours.

Of note: You can also check a live stream Gigafactory tour from opening day here, or watch the Tesla CEO (and CTO JB Straubel) give a speech on the event at an afterparty here.

As part of press week at the Gigfactory, Musk made it known that the battery manufacturing site will definitely be open to the general public "because it’ll be worth seeing."

We're not sure when the Gigfactory will open its door for tours, nor do we know if Tesla will charge a fee for seeing within (we kinda doubt that), but for sure if you're in the area of Sparks, Nevada, then a stop at the massive battery factory should be on you to-do list.

Autocar adds:

"The factory, which is already partially in use, will be open to visitors, Musk said, "because it’ll be worth seeing”. All of Tesla's vehicles will have parts made in the Gigafactory: primarily the upcoming Model 3, but also the current Model S and Model X, as well as the new models highlighted in Tesla's 'master plan, part two'."

Source: Autocar

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