Nissan recently conducted its first public demonstration of LEAF V2H in North America, powering the music equipment of a party.

A special charger/inverter is connected to the Nissan LEAF battery pack using the CHAdeMO DC charging inlet, converting the DC power to AC power for electric appliances.

V2H can not only be used to power stuff around the car, but to manage the electricity balance in a home or office, thus maximizing the use of renewable energy, or shaving peaks.  As always, the system can come in handy for use as a emergency power supply.

"There’s plenty of energy for singing and dancing at this party powered entirely by a Nissan LEAF. Learn how the LEAF used its power supply to be the life of the party."

When will this neat feature be available outside of Japan in the US?  Who knows, at least not for this generation of LEAF (check out the wild/lengthy disclaimer at the :20 mark).