New Tesla Model S Refresh

New Tesla Model S Refresh

The Auto Express 2016 Driver Power results for this year are in and the Tesla Model S scored a record high to take the overall win. The all-electric car won in seven categories! The car took number one for cost to run, due to its long range, no need for gas, and free access to Tesla's Supercharger network.

The Model S has actually never been ranked in the Driver Power poll in the past. This marks a very notable first. Drivers emphasized the love of their cars for the large touchscreen, the unmatched autonomous driving features, and the instant gratification of electric torque, among other positive feedback.

Tesla driver, Ryan Hynd Thornaby of North Yorkshire commented:

“It’s quiet and incredibly quick, while Tesla customer service has been absolutely brilliant . . . I’d never go back to a normal car; I’d definitely get another Tesla."

He admitted that it was a bold move to jump into an expensive, all-electric car from a newer OEM. But, he has been in the vehicle over 18 months and has only raving reviews. Ryan told Auto Express that he is enamored with the mass of space with two trunks. He plans to take the car on an upcoming trip to Spain, and has no range concerns. He adds to this that he is reminded, due to the charger network and no need for gas:

“It’s not going to cost me anything.”

This is all great news for Tesla as the Model X SUV is already hitting the streets and the Model 3 will likely be starting delivery inside of the next 18 months.

Despite the car's high price point, there are still reported issues of build quality. The Model S finished at a low 33rd place in this category. Still, the other high scores, overall ranks, and owner satisfaction are hard to match.

For more details on the annual poll and other vehicle rankings, visit the link.

Source: Auto Express

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