Michael Subasic, Tesla Model X owner and host of m1kTV, shares his busy day and subsequent towing adventures with viewers.

Michael Subasic And His Wife Towing With Their Model X

Michael Subasic And His Wife Towing With Their Model X

He quickly talks through a day of chores and appointments that most of us can surely relate to. Mike makes sure to complain about the expense of gas as he fills up his Dodge Ram prior to returning home for the Model X.

Video Description:

Our first towing experience with Quorra the Model X. It tows the X15 like a dream, and has plenty of power to pass whenever needed!!

Mike is accompanied by his wife as they head out for a camping trip and use their Model X, "Quorra", to tow their boat, a Master Craft X-15, for the first time.

The video takes the viewer through all of the important steps in order to make towing safe and successful. He covers everything from trailer hook-up, to vehicle and trailer tire pressure and suspension setting.

Mike talks through the process while driving, with the camera trained on him from the dash. Clear views of the large center console screen and functions are shown as well. Later, the camera also gives the viewer a great perspective out the back of the vehicle and a POV feel as he drives down the freeway. Mike shows off the acceleration of the Model X and the ease of passing.

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