No...That's Not Fog

No...That's Not Fog

China's traffic management authority has announced that new-energy vehicles (mostly plug-in electric cars) will get a special green license plate so that police officers are aware of the vehicle's preferential treatment.

As China Daily reports:

"The Traffic Management Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security said on Monday that the new plates will be green in color compared to the standard blue. They will include a Chinese character short for the provincial region where they are issued, and seven numbers and letters, compared to six on standard plates."

Why must police officers be made aware that the car is electric? Well, only electric cars are allowed to operate in certain city centers without restrictions, so the green plate makes it obvious to law enforcement that the vehicle is electric and that it's being used as allowed under the law.

China Daily adds:

"For example, conventional vehicles are banned from central Beijing for one day of each week, but there are no limits on electric vehicles."

Through the end of 2015, China had 332,000 pure electric cars registered.

Source: China Daily

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