Base Tesla Model X 60D

Base Tesla Model X 60D

Now that Tesla is offering the lower cost, software limited 60 kWh versions of the Model S and Model X, over-the-air (OTA) battery pack upgrades are available to be purchased online through the MyTesla account. Once purchased, the $9,000 online upgrade will occur over the course of only 1-2 days, during the vehicle's sleep cycle.

75D Badge via <a href=Tesla Gear" draggable="false">

75D Badge via Tesla Gear

The Tesla website explains:

To order please visit your MyTesla account and select your Model S. If your vehicle is eligible, the 75 kWh upgrade option will be visible in the Available Upgrades section. Upon confirmation of purchase, the over-the-air process will be initiated and the upgrade will occur during a vehicle sleep cycle over the next 1-2 days. Confirmation of the upgrade can be visually validated as a new digital badge will be displayed on the instrument cluster when completed.

Initially, Model S owners with the 70 kWh models were able to unlock the additional 5 kWh. Now, the entry-priced 60 models of the S and X (with 75 kWh battery packs), have the option of a 15 kWh software unlock. Once the unlock is purchased, owners can visit a Tesla service center to have the new "75D" badge attached to the vehicle.

The entry level Model S, before any upgrades, is priced at $66,000 and the Model X at $74,000 respectively.

Source: Electrek