Tesla has provided some updated data on the number of miles logged both passively and actively for its autopilot system

According to Tesla. even if autopilot isn't engaged, the system still logs those miles and learns from the driver's input. For example, the system will record data on speed, steering angle, etc. as a Tesla without autopliot engaged navigate a corner. These passive miles now exceed 1.3 billion

On the active side, Tesla says it has more than 300 million miles of data with autopilot engage. Most of this data focuses on driver correction to autopilot plotted courses. For example, autopilot enters a turn, but midway through the turn it record driver correction. Autopilot then remembers this corrected act for the next time it navigates the same turn.

Both of these mileage figures are increasinf exponentially. In fact, it was just in May of this year that Tesla reported 780 million passive and 100 million active miles. With more and more miles under its belts, autopilot is sure to improve. And with both hardware and software updates coming constantly, the system will surely become more and more accurate.

Source: The Street

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