Australia's Drive automotive outlet recently got to test out the Tesla Model X (video of which below). The reviews opens with this statement:

"A seven-seat family car that's faster than a Ferrari, with enough visual drama to rival Lamborghini."

And concludes with this "Verdict" -

"Our day with the Model X reinforced what you might expect surrounding the model's strengths and weaknesses. It's blisteringly fast, with show-stopping design features and electric eco-cred rivals that cannot be matched. But those motorised doors are a novelty that could be a hindrance in everyday use, and the car itself is priced well out of reach of most motorists."

"While this isn't the car that will anchor Tesla's future in Australia, it is a compelling model that will reinforce the brand's identity, paving the way for its mass-produced Model 3 compact car in 2018."

To test out that "fast than a Ferrari" level of performance, Drive pitted the Model X against an...Audi, in one of the shortest race video clips on YouTube.

Video (below): Drive's review of the Tesla Model X


You can also find the full, exhaustive  written Drive review of the X here.