Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 "Blank" Dashboard

Tesla has hired Milan Kovac of Skully Systems. Mr. Kovac was formerly principal engineer at the company that is known for its motorcycle helmet with built in heads up display (HUD). This futuristic technology could be utilized in Tesla's vehicles.

Musk's Tweet About Part 2

Musk's Tweet About Part 2

An observation of note at the Tesla Model 3 unveiling was the lack of anything on the dashboard aside from the 15-inch video display in the center. A Tesla spokesperson even validated the fact that there "will not" be a standard instrument cluster. No place to see speed and other important info other than the center console? This doesn't really add up.

Elon Musk has assured the public not to worry and that part 2 of the Model 3 unveiling will clear it all up. It is widely assumed that, with Elon's Tweets, along with the Kovac hire, some sort of HUD will become the answer for the Model 3.

Added to this, the Model S has Autopilot and uses a digital dash to manage it.  For the Model 3, Autopilot will not be able to be controlled without some sort of display, and without the similar digital dash technology of the Model S, a HUD display would make perfect sense. Kovac's LinkedIn profile specifies that he is working on Autopilot for Tesla.

Musk's Tweet

Musk's Tweet

Musk has stated that the steering wheel in the finished product of the Model 3 will be "spaceship-like" and have many controls. These controls could likely work the HUD displayed on the windshield. Tesla also recently hired a former designer from Porshe's Mission E. The Porsche is full of futuristic controls and has a holographic dash display.

Obviously, Musk and company are pointing toward the likes of futuristic controls and interior features. An advanced HUD holographically displayed on the windshield wouldn't be a far stretch, and all the info thus far points to it.

Source: BGR

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