Recently, KOLO TV in Reno, Nevada reached out to some area firefighters to discuss responding to accidents involving electric cars.

Firefighter Jason Belton of the Reno Fire Department told KOLO that there's always apprehension when approaching a high-voltage electrical system, but noted that he'd definitely prefer responding to an accident involving an electric over a gas car:

“Absolutely, there is always the apprehension just because of the thought for the potential of the high voltage shock."

"I would definitely prefer an electric vehicle over a gas powered vehicle, because we remove the fire hazard with the gasoline itself."

Belton added that he hopes to see more electric cars on the road because that would make the job of first responders much safer:

“I feel that would make our job as first responders a lot safer specifically from the fire hazard.” 

Check out the video for more on this first-responder electric car discussion.

Source: Kolo

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