Mahindra e2o

Mahindra e2o

As announced recently, Mahindra has launched the Mahindra e2o in the UK, a four-seat electric city car from Bangalore, India.

The EVs are available exclusively through a website portal because of a lack of a dealer network, while test drives are offered in few large cities.

The UK edition of the Mahindra e2o is a more highly-appointed and better equipped car, with a larger capacity battery pack than its counterpart in India.

There are two trim levels (prices includes £4,500 plug-in car grant):

  • City - £12,995
  • TechX - £15,995 (Currently available with the launch offer of free health check and home delivery, and including a £1,000 discount - £14,995)
The Mahindra website states the e20 has a 15.46 kWh lithium-ion battery (69 cells) and a range (NEDC) of 79 miles - plus up to 8-10 miles of "Revive® emergency remote refueling", which sounds like an on-demand discharge of the battery below the default use (ala the original 2014 edition of the Mercedes B-Class). Top speed is 63 mph.

The TechX trim also includes a CHAdeMO fast charging inlet that enables "empty to 95% charge in 90 minutes"

Trim comparison:

Features City TechX
Seats Fabric Leather
Wheels Steel Alloy
Interiors Black/Black Black/Darkwood cubic/Silver
Regenerative Braking System (RBS)  yes  yes
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)  yes  yes
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)  yes  yes
Smartfob with Keyless Push-button Start  yes  yes
Boost Mode  yes  yes
Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS)  yes  yes
Daytime Running Lights (DRL)  yes  yes
Fog Lights  yes  yes
Dual Air Bags  yes  yes
Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR)
Seat Belts  yes  yes
Electric Front Windows and Side Mirrors  yes  yes
Under-Bonnet Front Storage  yes  yes
Standard Charge Port (3kW AC)  yes  yes
Telematics  no  yes
e2o Remote™ App  no  yes
Revive® Emergency Remote Refueling System  no  yes
Air Conditioning  no  yes
Rapid (CHAdeMO) Charge Port (50kW DC)  no  yes
Blaupunkt Touchscreen Infotainment Centre  no  yes
Steering Wheel Controls for Infotainment Centre  no  yes
Speed Limiter  no  yes
Reversing Camera  no  yes
Rear Windscreen Wiper & Washer  no  yes


  • Located not far from Electronic City, Bangalore, India, the Mahindra e2o assembly plant is one of the world’s most energy-efficient manufacturing plants and the first automobile plant to receive Platinum rating from the India Green Building Council.
  • Solar powered, rainwater harvested, naturally lit, cooled and ventilated, Forbes described it as “inspired by trees, vertical gardens and noiseless technology, the Mahindra factory resembles a futuristic retreat rather than a manufacturing facility”.


  • The e2o is a compact 3-door hatchback. Featuring a tall-boy design for superior visibility, the e2o seats 4 adults in comfort, and is constructed around a tubular steel space frame, with large front crumple zone and dual side impact beams, on to which are bonded (not welded) colour impregnated dent-resistant ABS plastic body panels, materials, a process that is much less polluting than steel panels sprayed with paint. The result is a low carbon, lightweight yet strong, maneuverable, and highly energy-efficient city car.


  • M1 class European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (EC WVTA) by the UK Vehicle Certification Agency
  • Dual front air bags; anti lock braking system (ABS); electronic stability and traction control (ESC), emergency brake assist, electronic brake distribution, speed limiter*
  • Emergency locking retractor seat belts (ELR), rear ISOFix child seat fixings, adjustable front and rear head rests
  • Tyre pressure management system (TPMS), daytime running lights, and central door locking.


  • Blue LED console instrument cluster including state of charge and distance to empty
  • e2o Remote™ app that enables cabin pre-heat and pre-cool, charge start/stop, remote door lock/unlock and Trip Planner™ journey planning
  • Blaupunkt 6.2” touchscreen infotainment system* with range remaining maps, satellite navigation system, charge point finder, driver information system, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot connection, CD/DVD/MP3/iPod connectivity, DAB/FM/AM radio, USB port; steering wheel with infotainment controls*
  • Always-on telematics system for remote diagnostics and driver alerts

Comfort and Convenience

  • Mahindra smartfob with Push-Button Start keyless authentication system
  • Direct drive ‘automatic’ transmission
  • Reversing camera*
  • LuxPack comprising leather seats and alloy wheels
  • Electronic power steering, ‘1 point turn’ 3.85m turning radius for ease of parking and manoeuvrability
  • Follow-me-home headlights, electric side mirrors, front electric power windows,
  • Air conditioning*
  • Under-bonnet front storage, one touch fold-flat rear seats, rear washer/wiper*
  • First year roadside assistance and breakdown recovery, Mahindra mobile servicing and warranty support (our technicians come to you, so you don’t have to waste a day driving to and from or hanging around at a service centre).


  • Zero vehicle emissions, ultra low power station emissions when charged at home at night from the grid (approximately one third to one half the emissions of the cleanest diesels), virtually none when charged using electricity from renewable sources (typically rooftop solar)
  • 72V powertrain with 15.46 kWh maintenance free 69 cell lithium-ion battery pack, NEDC range 79 miles plus up to 10 miles Revive® emergency remote refueling. Top speed 63 mph; nippy instant EV torque with Boost mode for extra power and regenerative braking for free extra miles.

Note: The NEDC range quoted of 79 miles plus up to 8 additional miles of Revive® is the official range under ideal driving conditions. As a general guide, the typical drivable range is 60-70 miles during warmer months and 50-60 miles during colder months, with up to 8 miles of Revive®. Note that this is an approximate guide only and that the range of electric cars is affected by the way you drive, cold weather, hilly terrain, use of the cabin heater or other auxilliaries, weight of passengers or goods in the car, and according to the age and condition of the batteries.


  • Standard charge port (9 hours full charge) using the 3-pin cable supplied with the car for charging at any standard domestic/workplace 220/240v 16 amp socket, or Type 2 cable (additional cost at checkout) for charging at the rapidly growing UK charging network. Rapid* (CHAdeMO) charge port (empty to 95% charge in 90 minutes) for charging at any rapid charge point, currently around 1500 charge points across the UK
  • Revive® remote emergency refuelling (up to 9 miles), at the touch of a button from your smartphone or the infotainment centre
  • e2o Remote™ app enabling remote start/stop charging (and many other remote features)

Weight and dimensions

  • Length 3278 mm x Width 1575 mm x Height 1570 mm
  • Gross Vehicle Weight 1262 kg
  • Minimum ground clearance 172 mm
  • Turning radius 3.85 m
  • Tyre size 165/60 R14/79

*e2o TechX only

souce: Autocar

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