It turns out, you can charge a Tesla Model S by towing it.  And what better vehicle to tow it with than a Tesla Model X?

Here Are The Stats

Here Are The Stats

Maybe not ... the Model X can tow 3,500 to 5,000 pounds, depending on which wheels you choose.

Being that the Model S weighs in just shy of the 5,000 pound mark, this is a risky experiment, so we hope that the Model X is equipped with 20" wheels. Added to this, Tesla does not recommend towing its vehicles, and will not cover any damage resulting from towing a Tesla without a flatbed.

This concept has been demonstrated before, but this time it came from Bjørn Nyland and crew. The video simply shows a split-screen of the instrument gauges in each vehicle, so you can watch the range grow as the towing is happening. Though it is not really a good idea, it's pretty cool to see that it works.

Video Description per Bjørn Nyland:

What happens if a Model X tows a Model S? Due to the length of the rope, we couldn't drive faster. Therefore we didn't reach the maximum regen which is 60 kW. Not long after we started pulling, a yellow dotted line appeared on the Model S. This limits the maximum regen. The Model S is a single motor rear wheel drive standard 85. Maybe if we used a dual motor, we would get higher regen.

Hopefully, with Tesla now planning to charge for Supercharger access, people don't get any crazy ideas!



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