This video shows what could've been a three car pile-up involving a Tesla Model S.

Instead, due to Tesla's Auto Emergency Braking (AEB), part of the sensor suite that allows for Autopilot mode, the Tesla Model S avoids colliding with the vehicle in front.

Video description:

"Tesla has been in the news recently about their "Faulty Autopilot". It's not faulty. Here's one piece of anecdotal evidence that explains why."

The Model S didn't completely escape the incident unharmed though. As the rear-facing camera shows, while the Model S stopped in time to avoid accident, the vehicle behind the S did not. The Model S got rear-ended at low speed.

Auto Emergency Braking is a feature found on lots of newer, high-end cars today, but it's made possible in part by the hardware and software that's there for Autopilot mode in Tesla vehicles.

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