Momentum Dynamics

Momentum Dynamics

Momentum Dynamics announced its short-term readiness to deliver the company's first 200 kW wireless charging system, for electric bus use later this year.

Previously, Momentum Dynamics has already developed and delivered both 25 kW and 50 kW systems to "strategic partners in the automotive industry" and believes that 25 kW will shortly be the new standard in the industry(Although we might suggest that, at least in regards to personal transportation, wireless charging has yet to establish itself at all in a meaningful way)

The higher power 200 kW stations will be used for larger vehicles, such as buses for automatic “on-route” charging.

The first two systems are to be delivered to municipal agencies this year in Maryland and Washington state.

Momentum Dynamics encourages that efficiency is on par with plug-in charging and works under all weather conditions.

"Wireless chargers use resonant magnetic induction to transfer power without the use of cables. They include the transmitter on the ground and a power receiver mounted to the underside of the vehicle. Despite an air gap of up to 12”, the efficiency of inductive charging is equivalent to plug-in charging."

Momentum Dynamics CEO Andrew Daga said:

“These high power levels are causing a lot of excitement across targeted vertical markets, especially with municipal bus transit agencies where high power is required to keep a municipal bus in operation all day,”

“Fast automatic charging will enable the EV market to grow faster. It is completely autonomous, carefree and safe,”

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