Tesla Vice-President Diarmuid O'Connell gave a pretty informative (and thorough) speech on Tesla at the AVERE e-mobility conference in Amsterdam on Wednesday, touching on all the historical benchmarks that the company has reached, and an update on the future.

Specific to the Model 3 and reservations, O'Connell stated (from 4:33 in video - caught originally by Vincent Everts on Facebook (video below), and re-hosted on Youtube by SpaceX&Tesla Fan (video above)):

"The Model 3, the car for which the company was really set up to build, exceeded all of our expectations, as far as the rate at which we received reservations.  Something approaching 400,000 people have already put down ... a thousand dollars to reserve this car."

This number is some ~75,000 higher than the 325,000 reservations announced by Tesla exactly a week prior, and show that the interest in the car has remained remarkably high.

We would also note that many persons reserving the Model 3 actually put money down on TWO cars (which was the limit imposed by Tesla)...so if we take O'Connell's quote literally, more than 400,000 total reservations have already been passed.

Tesla Model 3 - Passing 400,000 Reservations After Just 2 Weeks Of Availability

Tesla Model 3 - Passing 400,000 Reservations After Just 2 Weeks Of Availability

While the interest in the Model 3 is incredibly high, we would suggest checking out the whole video as the Tesla VP touches on the Model S, Model X rollout, the Supercharger Network, ESS (energy storage solutions) and what lies ahead for the company.

Video (below): Diarmuid O'Connell talk via Vincent Everts/Facebook

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