ChargePoint Express 100

ChargePoint Express 100

The California Energy Commission announced nearly $9 million in grants for the installation of new DC fast chargers.

Installations have logically been selected along major state freeways and highways from San Diego to the Oregon border.

Four companies were granted dollars in the program:

  • Chargepoint Inc.
  • EV Connect Inc.
  • NRG EV Services LLC.
  • Recargo, Inc.
The goal of the project is 61 DC fast chargers over 41 sites and additional 40 AC charging points. The type of chargers wasn't specified in the press release.

If we are doing the "maths" on the cost per fast charger (assuming 10k per L2), as per the norm, the government hand-out is not all that efficient - coming in north of $140,000 per site...roughly triple the average cost per private installation of a DC fast charging station.

"The grants went to four companies: Chargepoint Inc., EV Connect Inc., NRG EV Services LLC. and Recargo, Inc., which will install 61 DC fast chargers at 41 sites along major routes on Interstate 5, Highway 99 and Highway 101. Fast chargers allow vehicles to fully charge in 20 to 30 minutes. Additionally, 40 sites will have one Level 2 charger, and one site will have two Level 2 chargers. Level 2 chargers allow most vehicles to go from zero to full charge in four to eight hours.

Several plug-in electric vehicle charging networks currently operate in metropolitan areas. However, private industry has been hesitant to develop sites along highway corridors."


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