For the second month in a row, October sales in France almost exactly mirrored the year prior; meaning absolutely flat growth.

One can almost hear the chants, "Où est la nouvelle Renault Zoe?"

The 2,721 plug-ins registered last month consisted of:

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

  • Passenger BEVs – 1,543 (down 12.2%)
  • Commercial BEVs – 637 (up 52%)
  • Passenger PHEVs – 541 (flat)
Overall, the small decrease of passenger BEVs was balanced out by a big jump in commercial BEV sales.

Avere-France presents (below) an interesting comparison of sales across the brands and models for France.

As always, the best sellers list is headed by the Renault ZOE (despite the new 41 kWh version still being on the horizon) and the Nissan LEAF, while the Bollore Bluecar, BMW i3, Renault Kangoo Z.E. and Volkswagen Golf GTE rounded out the list.

As a result of demand for the new ZOE for this month, sales decreased 21% year-over-year in October.

Plug-In Registrations in France – October 2016 (source: <a href=Avere-France / AAA data)" draggable="false">

Plug-In Registrations in France – October 2016 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

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