Consumer Reports' first test drive review of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt concludes with this reference to the Tesla Model 3:

"While the Bolt lacks the Tesla’s cool factor, it’s practical and enjoyable to drive."

Turns out the Tesla connections to the Bolt continue in this Talking Cars episode on the Bolt presented by Consumer Reports.

Here's the video description:

"Turns out the first relatively affordable long-range electric car isn't from Tesla; the Chevy Bolt beats the Tesla Model 3 to market. We found the Bolt to be enjoyable and practical, but wonder if buyers will be turned off by its dowdy styling."

And even the written version of Talking Cars by Consumer Reports just can't avoid mentioning Tesla...Tesla...Tesla:

"Let's say you want an electric car with over 200 miles of range, but you can't swing the payments on a Tesla Model S or X. You could wait (along with over 300,000 other people) for the Tesla Model 3. Or you can get a Chevy Bolt in a few weeks."

And it continues:

"While the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid was dubbed "GM's moon shot" by more than a few pundits (including us), the Bolt is actually more radical. Built from the ground-up to be all-electric, it makes the most of its 60-kWh battery pack with an EPA-rated 238 miles of range. That beats a Tesla Model S 60D with the same capacity battery pack by 20 miles."

How many times can Tesla be mentioned in connection to the Bolt? The two brands/cars are so far apart that really the only thing in common is electric and long range. Beyond that, any comparisons seem a stretch to us.

Source: Consumer Reports

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