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Congrats to Tesla for ditching the fake Model S grille. Maybe now, the words “Tesla” and “fake” will never again appear in the same sentence,  besides the one you just read. Make that two. Going mouthless is pretty remarkable considering the recent automotive trend toward agape kissers loaded with baleen. Take Lexus for example. Puh-lease. If you drove a Lexus briskly through a farm, you know what you’d get? Salad.

But now, the Big Question: How the heck will Tesla design a pickup truck without a grille? Trucks have a lot of frontage, most of it grille. Yet it seems Model X already represents maximum “negative space” possible on the front of a vehicle. A truck would need even more. So Tesla would have to either re-invent pickup truck design to minimize frontage, or find a tasteful way to interrupt a big, flat surface with something interesting. TelsaMondo suggests the oldest trick in the book — REALLY old — for spicing up a bland facade: Tell a cool story using hieroglyphs. There’s more than enough room on today’s pickup pusses to tell a compelling parable.

BTW, when was the last time an automaker’s mid-cycle refresh received this much coverage in mainstream, non-automotive media like Marketwatch, USA Today, Fortune — even syndications like AP? Just a reminder that Tesla dominates in mind share, and therefore needs no advertising. The company simply uploaded a new image and some new data on its website, sent out a tweet and let natural curiosity do the rest.

Does Tesla have enough clout to force a pullback from the grille obscenity we’ve witnessed in recent years? Will prominent grilles now say “old school?” Some brands have resisted going grille-cuckoo. Others haven’t. You be the judge.

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