Famous Tesla YouTuber Bjorn Nyland took delivery of his free/contest-won Founder's Edition Tesla Model X P90DL in late July...and we figured why not pass along his (almost giddy) video experience getting the X on a fine Sunday morning?

Bonus: Then as to some more recent events from this weekend, Bjorn tows a boat (video below) ...and of course videos the adventure it for our enjoyment

Video description:

"The first video of Optimus Prime, the Tesla Model X P90D Founders Edition. During this video, I show you the interior, configure the car and show some of the features with the doors and fob."

Nyland actually won his X through Tesla's referral program by being the European regional winner of the program. In addition to receiving the X, Nyland will get a Powerwall and had a Gigafactory tour. All three perks were free!

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