BMW's i3 project manager, Heinrich Schwackhoefer, has confirmed what we all believed to be truth...a next-generation i3 is on the way.

Inside the 2017 BMW i3

Inside the 2017 BMW i3

Though Schwackhoefer was willing to confirm this, he wasn't able to discuss the car's timeline.

Our belief is that the next-gen i3 will launch around 2018/2019, but that's just speculation for now.

Quoting Schwackhoefer, who was asked if an i3 replacement was in the works:

"I firmly expect that. It's not the sentiment within the company that it's been a failure -- absolutely not at all."

This past July, BMW launched a longer range version of the i3, but that's just an improved first-gen model. The next-gen i3 is still a ways off and will likely have more than 200 miles of range.

Schwackhoefer added:

"The "i' subbrand is stable and you can count on a successor to the i3, but I cannot say when that will be."

Source: Automotive News

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