It seems securing a Tesla Model X for test drive purposes isn't as simple as calling up Tesla and asking for one. The Smoking Tire had to "borrow" this Model X P90D from peer-to-peer compony Turo in order to conduct testing for this review.

Regardless of how the car was acquired, this is still The Smoking Tire, so you can be assured that this is one of the best X reviews you'll see in regards to overall quality, enjoyment and so on.

Video description:

"The Model X is Tesla's second full-on production all-electric car. Based on the Model S platform, it's taller, with motorized "Falcon Wing" doors in the rear.

It seats seven people, has some really neat gadgets, and in this P90D trim, can do 11-second quarter miles all day long. It also features the newest version of Tesla's Autopilot software, which we will demonstrate in the real world."

"This review comes courtesy of the people at Turo, who provided the Model X for review. Turo is available in the App Stores for Android and Apple, and is the only peer-to-peer company which rents the Tesla Model S and X."

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